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Quatro-T, finally a womens bag worth carrying…

Posted in Fashion by upc boutique on September 28, 2010

Here at upc, we’ve avoided carrying womens bags for the last 3 years.  Trust me, we’re both crazy about handbags but its been almost impossible to find a collection worth bringing in that combines good quality, a clean design sense at a price point under $500.

When Tarek Al-Azbat first introduced us to Quatro-T we were so excited by the combination of minimalism with an emphasis on detail.  Their colours are simply…Black, but the key to their looks are subtle silver clasps, zippers and snaps that ultimately make the bags wearable, versatile and fashionable while maintaining a classic silhouette.  Throw in impossibly soft, yet durable leather, ( it feels like it’s melting in your hands) and we were sold!

Perfect for both an evening out or as a daily messenger, so you never need to worry where you’re going when you have one of these in your hands or over your shoulder.  It is definitely one of our fall must haves or haves if you’re not too late…

Frank Chaydez

Posted in Fashion by upc boutique on September 1, 2010

When we came across Frank Chaydez‘s collection last year we were blown away.   It’s rare to come across independent handbag designers who use such great quality leather, the sheer softness is crazy.   However, it isn’t just the quality and craftmanship that won us over, it’s his designs.

Incorporating skulls and triangular studs not only gives each piece a bit of rocker attitude but it separated itself from the other brands who subscribe to the the total minimalist approach.  Its refreshing to finally have a bag maker who is willing to think outside the proverbial ‘bag’ and create something that is both aesthetically beautiful, functional and has an edge to it, especially at such reasonable prices.

Frank Chaydez hits both the male and female market but to be completely honest I feel like both man and woman can rock the bags or wallets in stock.

Come and see for yourself….