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Look of the Week for Him

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Suit Coat, Eleven Paris Shirt, Camo Pant, Eleven Paris Hat

Look of the Week for Him

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Camo S/S 2011.

Posted in Uncategorized by upc boutique on July 27, 2010

Is it already that time?  Are we already talking about next year?  After spending the last week in NY for the spring summer of 2011 buying season I can’t help but focus on it!  One of the brands that we wanted to focus on for the upcoming season was Camo.  The S/S 2011 collection, dubbed the “Camo country collection”.   Inspired by the 1978 Portuguese film L’ Albero degli Zoccoli, we were very pleased with pieces they put together as well as the looks for each outfit.  I am especially excited about the socks…don’t ask me why.  The entire line looks absolutely stellar and the thing I appreciate most about the lookbook is how they interpreted the pictures in terms of backgrounds and models.

And if you need a Camo piece at this moment…well grab one online and at a discount!


UPC’s Look of the Week.

Posted in Fashion by upc boutique on July 7, 2010

I don’t think we could have dressed a man better for a relaxed day of work on the weekend.  A pair of drop shorts, beautiful five button polo and my personal favourite a Krane messenger bag.  This screams meet me at the coffee shop for an appointment on how to dress well!

On her:

Dress Margarita Saplala on sale $215

Necklaces Alynne Lavigne $195 for either gold or silver plated.

On Him:

Polo Camo on sale $114

Shorts Camo on sale $114

Necklace Speech $110

Bag Krane Messenger on sale $247

Camo Polos!

Posted in Fashion, Retail Business by upc boutique on June 11, 2010

I’ve recently become obsessed with some polos that we’ve recently stocked in the boutique.  For years I purchased the same bland lacoste polos over and over with the hopes of one day finding something that not necessarily reinvented the wheel but made it ‘slightly’ more interesting than just being round.  Camo has done EXACTLY this.  5 buttons and a slightly smaller collar make this polo not you ‘ordinary’ polo.  Throw in the fact that it was fabricated in Italy using some pretty stellar fabric and you can see why we’re going to have to restock on this piece VERY soon.  With a slimming fit you will not be disappointed in this purchase.

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Posted in Fashion by upc boutique on June 4, 2010

Alright so I have become a little obsessed with shorts lately.  I have usually always worn either right at the knee or right above the knee a plain and simple silhouette short.  I’ve never really strayed outside of the box.  So when we received shipment of camo I was instantly intrigued.  I have fought the trend of the drop pant for a while now but I may slowly be succumbing to its constant tap on the shoulder reminding me that there are other styles than just prep!

So I decided to try them on…I was hooked.  I was also very surprised.  I never thought in a million years that I would be able to pull these off…but it was suprisingly easy.  Moral of the story…don’t be afraid to try on new pieces!  Yes I know that it may not flow with everything else in your wardrobe but we ALL need statement pieces and this is exactly that…

Camo Shorts