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The art of the bag.

Posted in Fashion by upc boutique on June 8, 2010

I love bags there is no doubt about it.  But I’m picky.  I’m not a fan of the tote for men and for SOME reason I got over the burberry plaid very quickly but that’s not to say I don’t love a good pattern.  And so this is why I wanted to emphasize two bags that we have currently have in the shop.

I love colour and always will.  Any brand that can create a simple pattern and make the bag look both elegant and relaxed is in my mind an absolute winner.  We first discovered sessun as a brand a long time ago and have been in love with it since.  It’s one of those brands that consistently creates pieces each and every season that make you go wow.  This past S/S 2010 collection did exactly that…one of our favourite pieces from this collection, fittingly was the mosaic bag.  With a relatively inexpensive price tag you can not go wrong.

Sessun Piou Mosaic Bag

Krane laptop messenger bag.  One word.  Gorgeous.  I’ve literally fallen in love with this company, between the craftmanship and leather I don’t think there is a better outerwear or ‘bag’ company in the industry (well I still have an affinity for Filson truth be told).  With that being said, the second you try this bag on you will be sold on it…literally!  This is by far one of my most favourite pieces from their collection.  Oh and did I mention they’re from Canada…it’s time to pop into UPC and grab one already.

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Holiday Sale at upc boutique

Posted in Uncategorized by upc boutique on December 1, 2009

upc boutique’s La Look of the Week – Oct 5 to 11

Posted in Uncategorized by upc boutique on October 7, 2009
purchase any item from La Look of the Week, within the week, to receive 10% off
Fall 2009 Look


On our lady:
Cocoon Shrug by Sessun:  $350
Face print tshirt by Pleasure Principle:  $145
Charcoal pant by Iro: $315
Waterproof Melissa black booties:  $145
Leather bag by Iro:  $599
On our man:
Stangler hoodie by Complex Geometries:  $249
High as a Kite tshirt by Pleasure Principle :$144
Pant by KZO:  $98
Boots by Chronicles of Never:  $295


upc boutique’s La Look of the Week

Posted in Fashion by upc boutique on September 25, 2009
La Look of the week
(Sept 25 – Oct 2)

* purchase any item from La Look of the week, within the week, to receive 10% off   


On our lady:
1.  Sessun cardi:  $354
2.  Iro jumpsuit:  $425
3.  Iro leggings:  $105
4.  Speech necklace:  $220
5.  Melissa waterproof booties:  $145
On our man:
1.  Folk vest:  $244
2.  Folk tshirt:  $90
3.  Folk scarf:  $156
4.  Folk boots:  $460
5.  KZO trouser:  $98
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