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Posted in Uncategorized by upc boutique on October 5, 2010

So excited about Fall – the changing color of leaves, crisp cold air, a smoking hot drink and most of all the clothes!!! 

Being huge fans of layering –  cardigans are the perfect September purhase as they act as a transition piece between summer/fall and winter.  Warm enough to be worn on a fall night and light enough to layer under a jacket when the rain turns to snow.

If you haven’t come in yet to check out our new Fall collections I have NO idea what you are waiting for?! 

On him:

Blue blood denim  $215
Philip Sparks tee  $120
Suit Sidney cardigan $164
Pleasure principle bomber  $450
Shai Shanti cashmere scarf  $200

On her:

Kaylee Tankus coat  $543
Margarita Saplala blouse  $270
Kaylee Tankus trouser  $290

As always, receive 10% off any items featured in the Look of the Week!!


Posted in Fashion by upc boutique on August 9, 2010

For the first time this summer I didn’t have to roll up my sleeves and while I was disappointed that the weather was getting colder this just means for the fashion inclined that it’s time to layer.  And this is why FALL is the absolute best season.  Now I’m not telling you to start getting out your winter clothes just yet but there are certain pieces that make the transition from summer to fall absolutey perfect.  And to coincide with our current obsession on accessories I couldn’t find a more fitting piece than scarves.  We’ve just received shipment of Shai Shanti.  Beautifully crafted, stunning colours and an assortment of different materials each scarf feels like it tells a different story.

And just when you thought it was safe to stop spending money…we reel you back in!