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Chronicles of Never.

Posted in Fashion by upc boutique on July 8, 2010

I’m shoe obsessed.  As I’ve grown older I’ve also adapted my tastes and as I have said before, shoes can make or break an outfit.

Until about the age of 27 I was abnormally enamored with sneakers.  Now don’t get me wrong there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with that but at some point you have to ‘diversify’ the portfolio of shoes.  Walking into a high end restaurant in a pair of ‘nice’ black sneakers does not count as formal.

Shoes are a piece of the wardrobe that you SHOULD always spend money on.  For the most part, the more you pay the better the quality of shoe you receive.  Now while there are obvious exceptions to the rule for the most part this is usually the case (price indicates quality).

The Chronicles of Never black infinity shoe is no exception.  With its angular features and solid leather construction you can’t help but fall in love with these shoes the minute you put them on.  It’s like buying a handmade shoe for half the price, trust me I can attest to the quality.

These are perfect for either a relaxed or formal setting.  You can rock them with a nice pair of khaki shorts or dress them up with a suit either way they’re going to look amazing on.

Sizes are limited…son don’t hurry…RUN.

Chronicles of Never Infinity Shoe

Vivienne Westwood.

Posted in Fashion by upc boutique on June 19, 2010

What can I say about Vivienne Westwood other than ‘punk meets new wave fashion’.  What I appreciate most about Westwood’s designs are her ability to create something avante garde while instilling a very classic look.  It’s not often that a designer can combine both genres and still maintain it’s integrity.  I’ve always loved her work and to see it in person is something even more beautiful.  I’ve always said a beautiful pair of shoes is a piece of art and unfortunately sometimes which means usually they are out of my price range.  So you can appreciate a pair of shoes that is both affordable and stunning…

Vivienne Westwood Dragon heel