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Spring into Fashion with upc’s key essentials

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Bohemian with a touch of 80s Revival

Mary Meyer - Bohemian with a touch of 80's Revival

Spring is quickly approaching, though for some of us patio lovers not fast enough.  Regardless, any day now, patios across the country will be busting out umbrella’s to shade us from the hot rays of the sun.  It is this image alone that drives us fashion insiders to start thinking about our spring summer wardrobe and what style we want to carry through these outdoor festivites. 

One of us personally is all about Neo Bohemian Chic – yes the curly hair one!  The other counterpart (with the retro bangs) is thinking more along the lines of Post Punk Eighties Revival.  We’ll certainly be sharing the same cocktails or even mock cocks, while rocking our respective styles.   Other looks you can easily pull off (and if you do so well, you’re more than welcome to join our patio partio) is the Preppy Ethnic Safari and Grungy Plaid looks. 

To better describe these styles we’d like to offer our humble opinion and suggest key items to help sail you through these essential summer trends.  Forget Balenciaga, Gucci or Lanvin – more original looks can be achieved with edgier and more obscure labels such as Complex Geometries, Velour, Mary Meyer and Chronicles of Never. 

Neo Bohemian Chic – think Nicole Ritchie but less Hollywood.  Picture Velour‘s fluid blouses, billowy dresses  by Masayuki Marukawa styled with chunky necklaces cuffs and of course killer shoes.

Post Punk Eighties Revival – think ripped up acid wash jeans, complex geometric tees (conviently offered by Complex Geometries and Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair), blazers, drop crotch pants by Juma and flats since bangs doesn’t like to do heels.  For accessoies throw in a studded cuff and Neon necklaces.  Curly hair is liking this style and may dabble in it a little

Preppy Ethnic Safari – think Erotokritos Khaki chino’s rolled up, printed tees and tops by Mary Meyer styled with a fedora (please please please do not wear these slanted, we’re not going for K Fed!)  We would not over accessorize this look, less is more for this style.  

Grungy Plaids – think Sonia by Sonia Rykiel’s linen plaid blazer over top a basic tee.   A slouchy boyfriend jean is essential for any look this season, but especially with the above mentioned top, it could look great accessorized with high tops.  Add a scarf and you can’t go wrong.   Picture an updated version of Annie Hall.

So you’ve got you respective looks down, stop thinking style and start pondering what cocktail to simmer down with!