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UPC’s Look of the Week.

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Ladies, Margarita Saplala’s fall collection is starting to come in and as I wrote in a recent post it is incredible.  As such, we’ve decided to make it part of this weeks ‘Look of the Week’.  The colours in person are even better and the fit is fantastic.  What’s even better is that it can be worn immediately and it perfectly transitions into Fall.

On her:

Margarita Saplala dress $385

Alex and Chloe necklace $110

On him:

Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair favorite jean $200

Travis Taddeo dyed tank $75

Dark Matter unisex cardigan $199

Speech necklace $165

Because most of these pieces are brand new they have not yet made it onto the webstore.  If you’d like to order online/immediately just shoot us an email and we can take care of everything for you, info@upcboutique.com.

As always, the looks of the week are subject to a 10% discount…do you need a better excuse than that?

UPC’s Look of the Week.

Posted in Fashion by upc boutique on July 7, 2010

I don’t think we could have dressed a man better for a relaxed day of work on the weekend.  A pair of drop shorts, beautiful five button polo and my personal favourite a Krane messenger bag.  This screams meet me at the coffee shop for an appointment on how to dress well!

On her:

Dress Margarita Saplala on sale $215

Necklaces Alynne Lavigne $195 for either gold or silver plated.

On Him:

Polo Camo on sale $114

Shorts Camo on sale $114

Necklace Speech $110

Bag Krane Messenger on sale $247

upc boutique’s La Look of the Week

Posted in Fashion by upc boutique on September 25, 2009
La Look of the week
(Sept 25 – Oct 2)

* purchase any item from La Look of the week, within the week, to receive 10% off   


On our lady:
1.  Sessun cardi:  $354
2.  Iro jumpsuit:  $425
3.  Iro leggings:  $105
4.  Speech necklace:  $220
5.  Melissa waterproof booties:  $145
On our man:
1.  Folk vest:  $244
2.  Folk tshirt:  $90
3.  Folk scarf:  $156
4.  Folk boots:  $460
5.  KZO trouser:  $98
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