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Look of the Week for Him

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Suit Coat, Eleven Paris Shirt, Camo Pant, Eleven Paris Hat

Look of the Week for Him

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Suit FW 10

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With the fall/winter season fast approaching we wanted to bring in pieces that were not only functional for the cold weather ahead but that really stood apart from the rest.  The Suscel sweater from Danish label Suit will definitely keep you warm but they’ve done an amazing waxed treatment to the knit which coats it with a beautiful shine.  This slim fitting chunky knit sweater wears well with a slim cut pant or jeans or a great drop crotch trouser such as the Less Baggy Pant by Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair! (Can be purchased at http://www.upcboutique.com or in store now)

Suit continues their dominance of the season with an absolutely beautiful cardigan.  The wooden buttons and pattern/colour choice of this piece are on point.  You can pair it with a fitted grey trouser and black boots and you have a perfect outfit for a Fall day.

UPC’s Look of the Week

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So excited about Fall – the changing color of leaves, crisp cold air, a smoking hot drink and most of all the clothes!!! 

Being huge fans of layering –  cardigans are the perfect September purhase as they act as a transition piece between summer/fall and winter.  Warm enough to be worn on a fall night and light enough to layer under a jacket when the rain turns to snow.

If you haven’t come in yet to check out our new Fall collections I have NO idea what you are waiting for?! 

On him:

Blue blood denim  $215
Philip Sparks tee  $120
Suit Sidney cardigan $164
Pleasure principle bomber  $450
Shai Shanti cashmere scarf  $200

On her:

Kaylee Tankus coat  $543
Margarita Saplala blouse  $270
Kaylee Tankus trouser  $290

As always, receive 10% off any items featured in the Look of the Week!!

Dolce Vita meets Target…

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I was skeptical at first…is this really happening?  Another high end designer hitting Target?  Sure enough the brain trust at Target have built yet ANOTHER winner.  Yes they are faux leather and yes they are only available at Target but wow at $29.99 for the oxfords and $34.99 for the boots you can not go wrong.  Unfortunately you’re going to have to make the trek out to Buffalo to grab a pair.  I think what I enjoy most about these shoes is that they can be paired with either high end or low end and since they are affordable luxury it allows to splurge on other higher end items i.e. the Gina Suit Pant which would go perfectly with these!

I am truthfully, constantly amazed at the stuff Target is releasing.  While the quality and construction are not at the forefront of production they sure know how to produce fast fashion at an exceptional price.

Transition time?

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In this heat wave?  I can’t believe I’m even thinking like this…but as the weather just got ‘slightly’ colder last night I couldn’t help think…fall is going to be upon us soon upon.  So I started deliberating…with myself of course, which pieces would work best transitioning from summer into fall (yes this is ACTUALLY what goes on in my head when I’m left alone with my thoughts).

Cardigans have become a STAPLE in my wardrobe.  They are almost perfect for ANY season and to be quite honest they are the ultimate layer piece.

So it’s only natural that I recommend the one piece that I think every man should own…

Suit Constantine Cardi

Don’t worry ladies, the men are not the only ones getting love this post, because guess what…we have cardigans for you too.  I wrote about Disaya (Bear Necklace) a couple of weeks back so you should be familiar with her work.  With that being said, her Cardigans from this past seasons are absolutely fantastic.  I’ve been extolling the virtues of stripes so this fits in perfectly with my summer/fall wardrobe recommendations…

Disaya Striped Bow Cardigan

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UPC’s Looks of the Week.

Posted in Fashion by upc boutique on June 14, 2010

And….we’re back!

To say I love these looks is an understatement.  And yes…you better come in quick before the accessories are GONE.

On him:

Fifth Avenue shoe Repair Pant:  $305
Suit Tee:  $58
Suit CardI:  $165
Alex and Chloe Necklace:  $115

On her:
Iro Short, $215
Margarita Saplala Printed Tunic:  $306
Faren Sheer Tank:  $100
Disaya Teddy bear necklace:  $271

I’ll be doing a piece on the Disaya Teddy Bear necklace later on in the week.  It’s probably my favourite accessory from this spring/summer…

As always, the looks of the week are subject to a 10% discount.  So I should be expecting you any minute right?