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BETA Unit just in, exclusive to upc boutique in toronto

Waxed Denim $180
Max Beardmore Tee $75
All hoodies $180

upc boutique’s world of retail therapie!

Posted in Retail Business by upc boutique on April 1, 2009

upcboutiquepicWe are delighted about finally getting started on this blog because we spend our days talking to people from all walks of life, without (until now) a forum to share all the insights and opinions that fascinate us.  

There’s much to discuss about the retail fashion business, whether it’s how to open and operate a small upscale boutique, meeting great new designers, about our latest travels and introducing you to any intriguing news or products that come our way. WELCOME TO OUR WORLD….WE HOPE YOU FIND THERAPIE IN IT!

We absolutely love any comments, feedback or suggestions. xo